Inspired by nature, motivated by people

At Think Bioscience, we are deeply committed to the development and wellbeing of our team. Without diverse experiences and perspectives, we cannot adapt, grow, and innovate.

Make an Impact

We strive to build great medicines for diseases that lack them. Patients are our focus; their betterment is our goal.

Grow Together

Our technology grows with our team. To tackle longstanding technical challenges, we rely on clear goals, fast feedback, and rapid communication.


Our work thrives at the edges of traditional disciplines. We develop new science by supporting dynamic, interdisciplinary teamwork.

Our Team

Tom Foderaro

Analytical Chemist

Jerome Fox

Chief Executive Officer

Philip Jeng

Chief Business Officer

Levi Kramer


Jessica Lee

Synthetic Biologist

Andrew Markley

Synthetic Biologist

Ankur Sarkar

Synthetic Biologist

Shajesh Sharma

Lab Assistant

Caitlin Soon

Lab Assistant

Matt Traylor

Chief Technical Officer


Supported by experts in synthetic biology, chemistry, and life science venture creation.

Make an Impact